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1/4" Mini Reversible Bit Ratchet

1/4" Mini Reversible Bit Ratchet

Handy size with 180° flex head are convenient to work in narrow space.

10" Patent Water Pump Pliers

10" Patent Water Pump Pliers

Multi-purpose jaw for round, flat or hex bolts and nuts.


Company Profile


SPERO Tools have been targeting very top quality tools markets and under our own brand – SPERO. We market SPERO Tools into global professional and Industrial markets since 1999. World-wide reputation approves that SPERO Tools have been the best representative of high-end professional tools

SPERO Tools keep devoting all our efforts on R&D and keep developing very unique design with top quality tools,and 100%made in Taiwan, such as SPERO Twistop Pliers, Twistop Screwdrivers, Twistop Hex Keys, Torque-plus Gear Wrenches, Torque Wrenches, Torque-plus Impact Toos, … etc. All SPERO Tools meet ISO and international quality standards (Germany DIN and ANSI) so as to satisfy every customer’s demands.

Our promise is to offer the best high quality products with our excellent service. Customer satisfaction is always our number one priority.

Concept of SPERO Brand name
To take advantage of special profession to make very unique products. Then create name from Special Profession = Spero (SPERO)
Integrate special tools idea with professional technology into SPERO Tools.

Our slogan: Develop What You Need
-Develop the tools for new request
-Develop the tools applying a solution
-Develop the tools for the future market demand

SPERO Sales Channels
-Automotive industry
-Professional hardware stores
-Aviation industry
-Gas, oil, mining, and construction industry
-Agriculture industry

Diversity Supplies
To meet our goal “Develop what you need, “SEPRO Tools keeps devoting to develop our tools and upgrade function and design through collecting the professional uses’ feedback. SPERO Tools has been creating lots of global patens including our Twistop patent on wrench lines, sockets, pliers, hex keys, and adjustable wrenches. Moreover, Humanized design, material development and well services are dedication to our main philosophy.

Social Responsibility

People Respectability
-Promoting diversity and affirmative action
-Philanthropy and Supporting the cycle of good

Environment and community Respectability
-Exceeding disposal and recycling requirements
-Mindful usage of resources and energy
-Recognizing employees who do great things for our community
-Managing carbon footprint merit

Develop what you need
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